Phantom Audio is a full service audio production facility, offering outstanding radio production, TV and film mixing, and sound design in the heart of Chelsea. Hey, we care – about your work, and the work we do for you. We know how important plus-ing up that animatic is so you can get to produce the campaign you’ve sweated over, finding the Perfect Voice, and coaxing every nuance out of your final mix


We’ve produced sound for over 5000 radio and television commercials. That’s over 5000 calls to happy clients (we’ll be ready to play it for you in 5 minutes…..do you know where she is? We’re ready to play..…Hi! Great, glad we got you, but can we call you back on a land line?…)


We specialize in figuring out exactly what you want, and making sure you get it. Including your sushi order. Including in-studio laptops. Including beautiful, sunny, comfy client areas where you can make a call, take a break, have a smoke…